Planning to celebrate a milestone ?A colleague is retiring? Your parents are celebrating their wedding anniversary? Your best friend is turning 50? LouiseM has been catching memories for over 25 years.She offers fully customized digital painting from her blank screen. Choose whether you want your canvas with or without frame, LouiseM will take customization to a whole new Level. Your memories will turn into color and your life will turn into an art piece.

For more information: contact us and tell us what you wish. We will send you a questionnaire and prepare a quote on demand.


Weather you would like to create unity within your team, display your company’s DNA or simply show your company’s values, LouiseM has customized hundreds of Art pieces for major companies. Her clients include but are not limited to: Bolloré logistics, ST Microelectronics, Longchamp, Geodis, Commerzbank, DermEden, Publicis, Sagarmatha Agencies, Air Liquide. Contact us and tell us more about your idea and we will get back to you shortly.

Note: Because this service is fully custom made and LouiseM. Creates her digital Art one at a time, there might be a waiting list.

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