Louise M, a French born artist, has always been creating wall art and illustrations since she was a kid. She started at a young age painting abstract with acrylic on old sheets she recycled.

She began her story telling venture much later while she and her family were living in Dallas, TX.

Her first story telling painting was about her own family, with her very own style, a mixture of pop /street Art. She hanged the piece in her living room. Every guest would fall in love with the concept. The say “A picture is worth a thousand words” had never been more accurate. Through one single image, you can travel through the life a person, a family. You can understand their passions, the places they lived, what they care about, even their private jokes.

She started to have requests through word of mouth and in less than six months, her new activity was born.

She has now been painting story telling Art for the past 20 years.

Today she lives in Singapore, and she has been inspired by the lush tropical greenery. She developed a successful “Tropical” and an “Animal” collection ready to hang on your wall.

Fully Custom-Made Art

Make your home or office truly unique with a custom piece of art from LouiseM. As an experienced artist with a passion for creating personalized pieces, we can work with you to design a piece that perfectly complements your space's style and reflects your personality.

Art For Your Home

Give a colorful yet peaceful touch to your interior with this Greenery line including tropical foliage and animals