Custom made gift for friends using digital collage like scrapbook and art collage


Flowers, cakes, chocolates, home decor items to gift baskets, combos and more. You have done it and so has everyone. 

Think about it, something custom-made to show your friend that you spent the time and dedication choosing the right gift for him/her. You want your friend to feel special. You want your friend to know how much you care for him / her. 

Have you shared great moments together? Have you been on a trip, have you had a nice dinner? Do you work together?

Simply display in an original way these memories. How about mixing these memories with a designer piece. Add the magic with your pictures and the words you want to say to this special person. May be you have private jokes, may be you want to express thought you never said. Just write them…and there you go.

It is personalized, it is trendy, it will last and your friend will be able to enjoy it every single day feeling special.

Think about it, be unique, make it fun, think ARTdingo.